Dispatch Sprayable is more than just a penetrant

Many factors can affect the true efficiency of your irrigation system. But perhaps the most overlooked factor is the ability of water to move in your soil.

Water is the driving force behind turf health and growth. Therefore, it is vitally important to get water into the soil uniformly for consistent turf performance. Water repellency — even at low levels — can prevent water from penetrating properly. Dispatch® is a patented soil surfactant technology that maximizes irrigation efficiency, allowing you to grow healthy turf while saving water and energy.

Make Better Use of Water

Rate & Frequency Options

  • Spray 0.58 litres per hectare once a week.

  • Spray 1.16 litres per hectare every 2 weeks

  • Spray 1.75 litres per hectare every 3 weeks

Tank mixing Rate: For one time application with soil-directed turf chemicals, apply at 1.6 litres per hectare.

Results You Can Expect to See

  • Reduce runoff on sloped turf areas  by 20% or more

  • Reduce water use on cool-season grass by up to 25%

  • Reduce water use on warm-season grass by up to 50%

  • Improve nitrogen efficiency

  • Enhance penetration and distribution of water, nutrients & chemicals into the soil

  • Increase distribution uniformity of irrigation systems in treated areas

  • Maintain turf quality at reduced ET replacement rates

Dispatch takes over where irrigation systems leave off.

Dispatch Sprayable is a patented synergy technology that is scientifically proven to enhance soil wetting, improve infiltration, reduce leaching, and enhance fertilizer efficiency. It reduces wet spots in low turf areas and hot spots on higher turf areas and slopes.

Dispatch Sprayable is more than just a penetrant. It offers turf managers the comfort of true irrigation efficiency, taking over where high efficiency irrigation systems leave off.

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