Tough Turf Xcel

As we head into autumn and winter, it’s time to toughen your turf with Aquatrols’ tank mixable Tough Turf package.

These proven products work together to prepare your turf for protection against variable weather conditions and increased disease pressures that come with the changing seasons.

A root and foliar feed that builds and strengthens cell walls in roots, stems and leaves.

Benefits Include:

  • Builds and strengthens cell walls in stems, roots and leaves

  • Improves photosynthesis of the plant

  • Will not change the soil’s pH

  • Contains amine nItrogen preventing a flush of growth

  • Fast, effective plant absorption following application

  • Improves soil texture and makes nutrients more available

  • Easy, accurate spray application

  • Spray and play

  • 70:30 leaf uptake

  • Apply at a rate of 10L/Ha within the Tough Turf Package

Liquid iron for quick green-up without over-stimulation of growth, wheel marks or blackening.

Benefits Include:

  • A unique iron-nitrogen bonded complex which provides a quick green-up of turf without over-stimulation
    of growth and without wheel marks or blackening

  • Economical to use

  • Ideal for use at any time when turf is in need of a green-up boost and in the autumn will harden the turf
    and strengthen it against disease

  • Apply at a rate of 10L/Ha within the Tough Turf Package

A revolutionary source of potassium with superior foliar absorption up to 5 times greater than traditional sources due to small molecule size and the plant’s natural liking for organic acids.

Benefits Include:

  • Superior foliar absorption

  • Use at lower rates compared to other forms of potash

  • Ideal Autumn feed that hardens turf

  • Improves and increases germination when overseeding

  • Formulated specifically for turf

  • Apply at a rate of 10L/Ha within the Tough Turf Package

How to Use

Apply 10 litres of each product as a tank-mix in 400-600 litres of water per hectare.
This delivers 2.4kg N, 3.8kg K, 0.9kg CaO, 0.3kg MgO and 0.6kg Fe.

For best results, apply every 4-6 weeks.