Revolution is trusted by turf professionals around the world

Revolution® is the only soil surfactant technology that goes beyond water repellency issues, providing comprehensive water management and plant health benefits as well.
Revolution’s patented formulation creates a thin continuous film of water in the soil profile, balancing air-to-water ratios and increasing the performance of turf under stress.

It maximizes the potential of the growing environment, allowing your turf to function more efficiently and perform at consistently higher levels. Revolution reduces the impact of daily stresses on turf health and promotes faster recovery when stresses occur.
Join the Revolution and see the benefits for yourself.

Building Healthy Turf from the ground up

Building healthy turf is much like building a house – without a strong and stable base to support it, everything on top becomes more susceptible to structural damage. When it comes to growing consistent, high-performing turf, it all starts with soil. If the turf’s supporting environment is not functioning at its best, neither can your turf.
Revolution helps to build healthy turf from the ground up. It works to stabilize water movement throughout the soil profile, allowing you to more effectively manage soil moisture and more fully utilize your soil’s capacity for water distribution and storage.
By optimizing the growing environment, Revolution provides the foundational support your turf needs to reach its fullest potential.

Essential Building Blocks

Water and air are essential in the foundation of turf health. The balance of these components in the rootzone is a determining factor in how efficient photosynthesis can be.
Revolution’s unique mode of action promotes better moisture access and gas exchange in the rootzone, improving plant health and making turf much more resilient under all types of stress.
Revolution keeps water moving consistently through the profile, providing plant roots with more reliable moisture access.  This enables the plant to photosynthesize more effectively, allowing the plant to make and store greater levels of carbohydrates for use during periods of stress.

Unlike older generation surfactants, Revolution holds water more closely to the soil particle in a thin film — leaving plenty of room in soil pore spaces for air as well. 
Proper oxygenation of your soil not only supports healthy roots and aids in plant respiration, but it may also play a role in protecting your turf against root-targeting pathogens.   
Managing your turf with Revolution also boosts the efficiency of other cellular processes.  Studies show that Revolution-treated turf has higher protective antioxidant levels, cools itself more effectively through evapotranspiration, and exhibits better leaf turgor for more consistent play.

Corners of a Healthy Plant

By balancing air and water in the rootzone and increasing the availability of nutrients, Revolution improves access to 75% of the cornerstone needs for healthy turf!

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