the economical soil surfactant with staying power

Aquatrols® Fifty90 is an economical alternative for those interested in a longer lasting surfactant.  Fifty90 is proven to remain effective in the soil for up to three months, reducing water repellency and localized dry spots. Unlike some “longer-term” surfactants, Fifty90 is effective regardless of turf type, environmental or climatic stress conditions.

Benefits of Fifty90:

  • Consistent 90 day control over soil water repellency and localized dry spots.

  • Does not break down due to stressful weather conditions.

  • Safe for turf.

  • No initial decline in turf quality that you see with many other competitive products.

Better Season-Long Performance

In it for the Long Haul

Fifty90 performance isn’t just confined to the uppermost layer of the profile. A trial comparing long term surfactants was conducted in Athens, GA. Fifty90 significantly reduced water repellency in the 1-2 cm zone on 7 of 10 dates, while product C was only significantly different 3 out of 10 dates. At the 2-3 cm zone, Fifty90 was significantly better 6 out of 10 dates while product C was only significantly different once.  Overall, Fifty90 showed more consistent performance deeper in the profile than Product C .

Continued Quality

Research conducted on a native, sandy soil, bentgrass fairway at Southwind Country Club in Garden City, Kansas, further supports Fifty90 as the superior product in managing water repellent soils. Three surfactants (Fifty90, Tournament Ready™, and Cascade™ Plus) were evaluated according to label directions.

Fifty90 provided the greatest reduction in soil water repellency, with control 50% better than Tournament Ready and 25% better than Cascade Plus. Fifty90 performance was the most consistent throughout the four month test period.

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