Liquid iron for quick green-up without over-stimulation of growth, wheel marks or blackening.

Ferrosol Liquid Iron is a unique iron-nitrogen bonded complex that is the original market leading liquid iron. Ideal for use any time of the year when turf is in need of a quick green-up without stimulation or for use in the autumn when it will harden the turf and strengthen it against disease.


  • A unique iron-nitrogen bonded complex which provides a quick green-up of turf without over-stimulation of growth and without wheel marks or blackening.
  • Ferrosol can be mixed easily in water and is immediately available for spray or drench application.
  • Economical to use
  • Ideal for use at any time when turf is in need of a green-up boost and in the autumn will harden the turf and strengthen it against disease.
  • Will tank mix with all Aquatrols Organic Liquids and wtih all Aquatrols NPK Super Concentrate Liquid Fertilizers.


  • 6% iron
  • 3 kg nitrogen/hectare
  • 4% sulphur
  • Iron-nitrogen bonded complex

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Where to Use

  • Fine turf
  • Golf greens
  • Bowling greens
  • Sports grounds
  • Tennis courts
  • Lawns
  • Shrubs

Application Rate


  • 20 litres/hectare
  • 1 litre/500 sq. metres
  • Water rate: 40 litres water with 1 litre Ferrosol

Shrubs – foliar application:

  • 68 ml per 4.45 litres water
  • 6 litres per 450 litres water
  • Spray to point of run off

Shrubs – soil application:

  • Small shrubs – 180 ml
  • Large shrubs – 300 ml
  • Mix with 14-22 litres water
  • Water in well. Use a fine spray.

General Information

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