What is Aqueduct and how can it help?

Aqueduct® is a curative surfactant formulation specifically designed to provide rapid recovery from existing water management problems such as localized dry spot. Aqueduct can also be used as a pre-treatment tool to correct problem areas before starting a regular preventative program.

It moves water deeply into problem areas, reducing water repellency and restoring the rootzone’s ability to regain optimum moisture levels. Aqueduct quickly reduces turf wilt and promotes recovery of stressed turf.

Fix Problem Areas Fast with Aqueduct!

Aqueduct Promotes Turf Recovery

Like all Aquatrols products, Aqueduct has been tested and proven in the field by Aquatrols and a variety of independent researchers and turf managers worldwide.

At the University of Florida, Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center (FLREC), turf recovery trials were conducted on a bermudagrass USGA green that is prone to severe LDS. Aqueduct was applied at approximately 1-week intervals until the LDS symptoms subsided.

Reduce Water Repellency Quickly

Soil samples collected from treated and untreated areas show that Aqueduct quickly and significantly reduces water repellency, the chief cause of localized dry spot (LDS).

Whether you’re faced with LDS, wet spots or any other type of water movement problem, Aqueduct is the fast, effective tool you can depend on for rapid recovery.

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